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the plush. the whole plush. and nothing but the plush.

Power Plush - This is fluffy indie-pop with a splash of strength and a good dash of softness. The songs serve as a shelter for the listener, offer a gentle shoulder to lean on and create the warm feeling of being in good hands. Dreamy harmonies and catchy hooks join empowering lyrics as well as a tough attitude here and there to let out all the feelz together. The only healthy approach, if you ask Power Plush.

Beginning in the summer of 2020, the band introduced themselves with the three singles ‘Let's Not Pretend’, ‘Homesick’ and ‘Never’, outlining the band’s intended musical possibilities. In Power Plush, all band members write their own songs, which are then worked out in a joint exchange of their own experiences and emotional states. The four musicians from Chemnitz, Germany, Anja (bass), Maria (guitar), Svenja (guitar), who also share the main vocals, and Nino (drums), have built a safe space for themselves with this band. It allows them to let out their inner life unfiltered and invite everyone to join them and be part of the Plushy family.

The unambiguously invitation to feel came in the form of their debut EP "Vomiting Emotions" in autumn 2021. Songs like ‘Smth Cool’ or ‘Feelz’ are like a collective hug. Harmonious and dreamy guitars meet playful songwriting with influences from punk, 80s pop, choir, all the way to disco and R&B. This mix is presented with such a refreshing immediacy and subtle catchiness that Power Plush have already played their way into the indie hearts all over the world.




Kathrin Schierz

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